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How will you balance a healthy bottom line with an engaged workforce under healthcare reform?

It’s possible to control benefit costs while competing effectively for talent. In this era of ongoing healthcare change, it just requires a solid plan. The first step for any bold undertaking is always the hardest, and Gallagher is pleased to offer a practical starting point – our 2013 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Executive Summary.

This report presents a strategic analysis of the current state of the employee benefits market and provides data highlights from Gallagher’s full survey of U.S. employers. An inside look at how organizations are adapting to healthcare reform, the executive summary also offers objective insights into best practices for efficiently navigating the evolving total rewards landscape. Our robust data set will help you effectively implement healthcare, wellness, retirement, paid time off and other benefits.

Learn how leading organizations are approaching the changing healthcare environment and the benefits market. CLICK HERE to request Gallagher’s 2013 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey.


80% of organizations reported that controlling benefits costs is their biggest challenge.


Survey Highlights